We are happy to announce, that we have been chosen as a Best Service Company and Awarded Super Service Award from Angie’s List as well as US Business Association.

Full line of Rug and Furniture repair, restoration, cleaning, re-sizing, Leather Vinyl dyeing and Upholstery Work.

Even though your area rug or upholstery looks clean, normal settling of dust is abrasive and will shorten the life of it. We recommend rug and upholstery cleaning every two years.

The area rug cleaning process we use involve through and comprehensive stages. For Upholstery or in home Rug cleaning we use gentle Extraction machines and best and safest liquids.
First rugs are separated based on being handmade or machine made. Handmade area rugs generally are more sensitive.
Then we remove as much as possible dust from the rug.
Rugs are then tested for color fastness. If the colors bleed we have to use special methods like dry cleaning or extraction to leave as least as possible water on the rug.
We check to see if there are areas on the area rug more soiled or if stains on the rug. If yes we pre-treat the area. Please understand that some stains like some pet stains may not be removed as they have permanently changed the colors of the wool.
If the rug smells and has pet odor we neutralize the odor. This will eliminate the odor.
Rugs are then washed with different methods depending on the type, age, color fastness, thickness. In brief some methods we use include mostly complete soaking and submersion in water which is the best way to clean, dry cleaning, jet spray and extraction. Fringes are treated separately to prevent damage.
We try-as much as possible-to dry the rugs under the sun. Sun makes the result more beautiful and give nature’s warmth to the fiber.
We have master repairman in staff whose repair jobs are among the best in the USA.

We also offer a complete and full range of furniture restoration and cleaning services, from refurbishing, refinishing to frame repair, leather/vinyl dyeing and upholstery repair to recreating missing parts, we’ll see that those nicks, rips, dents, scratches, water marks, pet stains, spills and any other damages are taken care of.

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